Shelby Mustang GT 500

Posted by Craig Parc Ferme on January 19, 2017
image This commission was to perform a full detail on this Shelby Mustang GT500.The car was initially rinsed down, then given a 5 stage hand wash to the bodywork. The wheels were cleaned down faces and rears using Parc Ferme wheel cleaner and our soft wheel cleaning brush. After the final rinse the car was blow dried using our Venti Bi motor machine.We then attended to the interior detail.After an initial vacuum the interior was given a thorough blow through using the Venti, which the required another vacuum.All of the surfaces were cleaned down using our Interior cleaner.The next stage was to clean and feed all of the leather surfaces.Once completed the interior glass was cleaned down.The car was then given a 2 stage clay bar process to remove all surface contaminants, after this the car was wiped down with IPA.A full masking up was then completed prior to paint correction.This process was completed in 3 stages using Scholl compounds and pads all in various grades to achieve the required finish.The car was then unmasked, and wiped down with IPA.Next we applied Zymol HD Cleanse before applying 2 individual coats of Zymol Royale.The exterior glass was cleaned down and the tailpipes dressed.All exterior detail was performed using our won fine detailing brushes and detail spray.The tyres were then dressed and the wheels given a coat of wheel protectant.Finally the paintwork was given a spritz of Zymol Field Glaze prior to handover

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