Porsche Boxster RS 60 Spyder detail

Posted by admin on July 12, 2016

This commission was to perform a full detail and a Zymol Royale top upon this Porsche Boxster RS 60 Spyder, one of only 1960 made. We began by rinsing down the car to remove any dust loose dirt etc from the bodywork, wheels, hood, arches etc.The first process was to degrease the arches, tyres, sills, and PU’S using Parc Ferme degreaser through a pump spray.This product was agitated and then rinsed off.Next we attended to the hood, cleaning in small sections by hand using aStudio 17 soft fabric brush and Parc Ferme fabric cleaner .once competed the hood was given a thorough rinse down.The next stage was to clean the alloy wheels , faces and rears using a Studio 17 soft wheel brush and Parc Ferme wheel cleaner.The final stage of the wet process was to treat the car to a 5 stage hand wash using multiple buckets with grit guards and pure wool mitts.After the final rinse the car was dried down using powerful hot air provided by the Venti Bi Motor machine .Next we began the interior detail process, this comprises of the removal of all personal belongings , over carpets, ashtrays, toolkit , space saver etc.The interior is given a brush down using a Studio 17 dusting brush.We then perform the first vacuum, then a blow through with the Venti, and another vacuum.All of the surfaces are attended too using Parc Ferme interior cleaner, Studio 17 brushes and sponges.The leather was cleaned and given 2 coats of leather food.The interior glass was cleaned prior to the final vacuum and the replacing of all of the belongings etc.The exterior detail was began by performing a soft clay bar process to remove contaminants from the paintwork, glass and alloy wheels.After this process the paint was inspected for any defects.We then applied a coat of Zymol Royale to the paint and alloy wheels.The tyres and wheel arches were dressed, and the tailpipes cleaned and polished.The exterior glass was cleaned and the bodywork given a final coat of Field Glaze.The wheels were given a protective coating prior to handover.

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