McLaren MP4 12C Detailing

Posted by admin on February 22, 2016

This McLaren MP4 12C is a member of our regular maintenance service ‘The Concierge Programme’. This enables us to maintain and protect this car all year, which keeps the car looking its very best, thus adding to its continued value.The car is degreased on the under side of the bumpers, sills, all grills, tyres and wheel arches.This is rinsed off and repeated until clean.The road wheels are cleaned down, rotated again until clean. We then proceed to our 5 bucket hand wash, including all badges, shut lines etc using a wet detail soft brush by Studio 17. Once completed the car is fully rinsed down, and dried using a Venti hot air blow drier, including the engine bay area.The next stage is too attend to the interior, this includes removing all dust etc from all vents, switches, handles etc , using a dust removing brush by Studio 17,the car was then vacuumed out. All of the glass surfaces were cleaned inside and outside.All marks were removed from all of the interior surfaces , and the leather surfaces were fed using one coat of Zymol Treat.The exterior is treated to a coating of Zymol Field Glaze, the tyres , grills, and arches are dressed, along with cleaning the tailpipes .

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