Lamborghini Gallardo detail

Posted by admin on February 22, 2016
image This commission was for an exterior detail on a Lamborghini Gallardo. Initially the car was degreased using Classique degreaser on the tyres , arches, sills, and under the front and rear bumpers.Once rinsed off and we were satisfied that the surfaces were to our standards , we turned our attention to the road wheels.These were cleaned down faces and rears using Classique wheel cleaner, and a Studio 17 soft wheel brush, rotating the wheels until we were happy that all the wheels were to our standard. We then proceeded to rinse the whole car down and began to degrease all of the shut lines, handles and badges etc using a Studio 17 fine soft wash brush, this was rinsed down again prior to hand wash. The hand process is a 5 bucket method using pure wool wash mitts, upon completion the car is fully rinsed down and dried using a Venti Bi Motor hot blow drier.The next stage is to perform a 2 stage clay bar treatment to remove all surface contamination from the paintwork , glass, and road wheels faces.Once completed we inspect the paintwork for any defects, scratches etc.These are located , marked out and then removed using wet sand material, Rupes rotary polisher and Scholl compounds and pads.Once completed the car is wiped using IPA.All of the paintwork is given a protective coat of Classique glaze. We then dressed the tyres and wheel arches, and cleaned down all of the glass surfaces interior and exterior.The tailpipes were then cleaned and dressed, along with a of the plastic intake covers. Finally the exterior was detailed using a Studio 17 fine detail brush and Classique finishing spray.

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