Aston Martin Vantage N430 Detail

Posted by Craig Parc Ferme on April 12, 2017
image This commission was to perform a maintenance clean for our Concierge service.The was initially rinsed down to remove surface dust etc.The tyres, wheel arches and sills were degreased and rinsed down.We then attended to the road wheels using our non-acidic wheel cleaner and our soft wheel brush.Once completed we cleaned the badges, panel joins, grills etc using our wet detail brush and degreaser.After another rinse the car was given a 5 stage hand wash, rinsed down and dried off with drying towels and warm air.The next stage was to attend to the interior , this was carried out by an initial dust down with our dusting brush, followed by a full vacuum.All of the interior surfaces were wiped down, and the glass surfaces cleaned down.All of the leather surfaces were treated to leather feed.We returned to the exterior to dress the tyres, arches and clean the tailpipes.The paintwork was given a coating of our finishing spray to complete the service.

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