Aston Martin N430

Posted by Craig Parc Ferme on February 13, 2018
image This car is a memder of our Concierge programme, and receives it regular detail with the following process.The car is rinsed down to remove all dust and any loose dirt etc. We clean the road wheels faces and rears using non acidic wheel cleaner and our own handmade natural hair brushes.The exterior is washed down by hand using multiple buckets and pure wool wash mitts.After final rinse the car is dried using microfibre towels and powerful hair air using the Vents Bi Motor machine.The interior has a full vacuum and dust down.All surfaces are wiped down, and leather food applied to all relevant surfaces.Any carbon fibre, aluminium, painted components are polished, and the interior glass cleaned down.The exterior paintwork is inspected for any blemishes, if any are located they are removed at this point.The car then receives a liquid finishing spray , along with a protective coating to the road wheels.The exterior glass is cleaned down, and the tyres and arches are dressed along with the tailpipes.

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