Aston Martin DBS Detailing

Posted by admin on March 8, 2016

This Aston Martin DBS is a member of our exclusive Concierge service. The car is not garaged and is a daily driver. This particular car has been in our care since its delivery from new. This commission involved the following stages to be performed . The car was rinsed down to reeve all surface contaminants .The sills, tyres, diffusers ,arches etc were degreased .After another rinse down the road wheels were cleaned down faces and rears until they were to our standard .The exterior was then treated to a 5 stage hand wash, and dried off using powerful hot air.Next we attended to the interior surfaces which were all cleaned down using Classique interior cleaner.All of the glass was cleaned down, and the leather surfaces were all conditioned using Zymol leather conditioner.The carbon fibre and piano black components were polished using Zymol Field Glaze.All of the interior detailing was performed using Studio 17 brushes and Classique sponges etc. We then applied a coat of Zymol Royale to the paintwork and carbon fibre components. The tyres and arches were dressed along with the tailpipes and the exterior glass was cleaned down.The wheels were protected with a coat of wheel protectant, and the car was given a final coat of field glaze.All of the exterior detail was carried out with Studio 17 fine detailing brushes.

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