Tesla model X

Posted by Craig Parc Ferme on July 11, 2017
image This commission was to perform a full Zymol Royale treatment this Tesla model X.The car was initially rinsed down to remove all dust particles etc.The arches, tyres , sills and under the front and rear PU’s was degreased , agitated and rinsed down.The road wheels were cleaned down faces and rears until to our standard.All of the exterior badges, handles, panel joins etc were degreased using a fine wet detail brush.We then performed a 5 stage hand wash pure wool wash mitts.After final rinse the car dried down using powerful hot air from the Venti Bi Motor machine and drying towels.The interior was cleared of all belongings , over carpets etc.We then brushed out all vents, switches etc using our fine dusting brush, prior to an initial vacuum.We then blow the interior out using the Venti and carried out another vacuum.All interior surfaces were cleaned down, and a leather food applied.The interior glass was cleaned before placing back all carpets, belongings etc.The exterior surfaces were given a 2 stage clay bar process, and wiped down with IPA prior to next stage.We then applied Zymol HD cleanse to the painted surfaces and road wheels.Next we applied 2 separate coats of Zymol Royale glaze, the wax which retails at over £10,000 per container to the paintwork, and road wheels.The exterior detail was carried out using detail spray and a Parc Ferme fine detailing brush.The exterior glass was cleaned down, tyres and arches dressed.Finally we gave the bodywork, and shut areas a coating of Zymol Field Glaze , along with giving the road wheels a coating of Zymol Wax Wheel Coat.

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