Rolls Royce Cornish 2 detail

Posted by admin on July 12, 2016

This commission was to perform an interior detail on a Rolls Royce Cornish 2 . We began by removing all personal belongings from the interior, we then removed the over rugs, ashtrays, toolkit, etc.we began with a full vacuum to the interior and boot area.Next we used a Studio 17 dusting brush in the vents, switches, leather joins etc.The interior was then blown through using the Venti Bi Motor before another vacuum was carried out prior to the cleaning process could begin.All of the interior surfaces were cleaned using Parc Ferme interior cleaner, along with soft brushes and sponges from Studio 17.We then turned our attention to cleaning the leather surfaces, using Parc Ferme leather cleaner and feeder. Once the food had been absorbed into the hide we began to polish all mod the chrome items using Parc Ferme finishing spray.All of the veneer was polished using Parc Ferme liquid wax.The interior glass was cleaned down, including all mirrors etc.All belongings were placed back into the car, and the exterior glass cleaned and checked.

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