Porsche Macan S detail

Posted by Craig Parc Ferme on March 15, 2017
image This was recent commission was for a Zymol Royale treatment and enhancement detailing a brand new Porsche Macan S.The car was initially washed down and degreased.A full hand wash was performed using natural wool wash mitts.The car was then dried down using a Venti and microfibre towels.We carried out a 2 stage clay bar process to remove all surface contamination from the paintwork, windows and road wheels.We then inspected the paintwork for any defects, and gave the surfaces a wipe down using IPA.The next step was to apply HD Cleanse to all paintwork and road wheels.Once completed the Zymol Royale was applied in 2 separate coats.While the glaze was curing we attended to the interior surfaces, cleaning down the entire cabin area, and applying 2 coats of Zymol Treat leather care.All of the glass surfaces were cleaned interior and exterior.Tyres,arches and tailpipes were all cleaned and dressed.The exterior was detailed using a Parc Ferme final detail brush and detail spray.A final spritz of Zymol Field Glaze was applied prior to handover.

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