Porsche Cayenne detail

Posted by Craig Parc Ferme on May 30, 2017
image his commission was to perform a full detail on a Porsche Cayenne S.The car was initially rinsed down to remove dust etc.The tyres, arches, sills, etc were degreased , once this product had been agitated it was rinsed down.We then turned our attention to the wheels, faces and rears, using our soft wheel brushed and non acid wheel cleaner until they were to our standard.The exterior then had a 5 stage hand wash using natural wool mitts, and soft wet detail brushes for the badges, handles, panel joins etc.After the final rinse the car was dried down using powerful hot air from the Vents Bi Motor.The next stage was to empty the cabin and boot area of all belongings , over carpets, trays, rubber infill covers, tools etc.The interior was then treated to an initial vacuum.We then used our dusting brush too clear out all vents, switches etc before blowing the interior through with the Vents.Another vacuum was then carried out.All of the interior surfaces were then cleaned down by hand using our multi purpose cleaner,sponges and brushes.The leather was cleaned and fed using our leather feed.All interior glass surfaces were cleaned down, and any brushed aluminium components were polished with our finishing spray.After a final vacuum all of the belongings etc were replaced .The exterior received a 2 stage clay bar treatment to remove any surfaces contamination on the paint surface, glass, carbon fibre components, and road wheels.The paintwork was then wiped down with IPA prior to being coated with Parc Ferme Speed Wax.The glass was cleaned down, and the tyres, arches and tailpipes dressed.The wheels received a coating of our wheel protective spray, and the paintwork received an exterior detail using our fine detailing brakes and our detailing spray.Finally we applied a coat of our finishing spray prior to handover.

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