Porsche 997 Turbo cabriolet detail

Posted by admin on July 12, 2016
image This recent commission was for a Porsche 997 Turbo Cabriolet to receive its regular detail as a member pif our Concierge service.The car was initially rinsed down to remove all surface dust etc from the bodywork , hood, wheels etc.We the sprayed degreaser onto the sills, tyres arches, and underneath the PU’s.This was then rinsed off , and the process was repeated until we were satisfied.Next we cleaned down the road wheels faces and rears, using a Studio 17 soft hair wheel brush.Once the wheels were to our standard we turned our attention to the convertible hood.The was cleaned using Parc Ferme fabric cleaner, and a Studio 17 soft fabric brush, removing all stains, etc.The next stage was to perform a 5 stage hand wash using wool wash mitts and Zymol clear shampoo.After final rinse the car was dried down using the Venti Bi motor hot air blow dryer on all surfaces.The interior was given an initial vacuum and then blown through using the Venti machine.All surfaces were cleaned down using Parc Ferme cleaner along with interior brushes and sponges.The leather was cleaned and fed using Zymol leather cleaner and feeder.The interior glass was cleaned down, and the whole interior was given a final vacuum.We then turned our attention to the exterior.This was treated to a soft clay bar treatment to remove all surface contamination from the paint surface , glass, and road wheels.Next we applied a coat of Zymol Royale to the paintwork and road wheels.The tyres and arches were dressed , and the tailpipes cleaned and polished.Finally the exterior glass was cleaned, the bodywork was given a spritz of Zymol Field Glaze, and the wheels given a coat pif Zymol wheel protector .

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