Porsche 911 GTS detail

Posted by admin on June 20, 2016

This commission was to perform a Zymol Royale treatment and an interior detail. The first stage was to degrease the tyres, wheel arches sills, and under the front and rear bumpers. Once this product had been agitated and rinsed off we turned our attention to the road wheels, cleaning the faces and rears using Parc Ferme non acidic wheel cleaner and soft hand made Studio 17 wheel brushes.Once the wheels were to our standard, we began to degrease the badges, door handles, vents and shut lines using Parc Ferme degreaser and Studio 17 wet detail brushes.After the product was rinsed down we began our 5 stage hand wash using natural wool mitts and Zymol Clear.The car was then given a full rinse down and dried off using a Venti Bi Motor hot air blow dryer, ensuring all trapped water was removed from the exterior.The car was then treated to a soft clay bar treatment to remove all surface contamination from the paintwork, glass and wheels.We then applied Zymol HD Cleanse to the painted surfaces and road wheels.After inspecting the paintwork for any blemishes we applied 2 separate coats of Zymol Royale. All exterior detailing was carried out using Zymol detail spray and a Studio 17 detail brush.The tyres and wheel arches were dressed and the tailpipes cleaned along with the exterior glass.The next stage was to perform an interior detail. This was began by removing all belongings from the car and blowing the interior through with the Venti machine. We then performed a full vacuum of the cabin and boot area . All of the interior surfaces were cleaned down using Parc Ferme multi purpose cleaner.The leather was fed using Zymol Treat leather conditioner, and all carbon fibre and aluminium components were polished using Zymol Field Glaze. The interior glass was cleaned down , and the exterior was given a final coat of Zymol Field Glaze prior to client handover

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