Parc Ferme Racing


Parc Ferme have been involved in motor racing for the last 18 years servicing team transport, and have been involved in sponsorship for the last 5 years.

Speed Mog Challenge

The Morgan Speed Championship has been sponsored by Parc Ferme. It is organised and administered by the Morgan Sports Car Club (MSCC) in accordance with the rules of the RAC Motor Sports Association.

The championship consists of a number of rounds (typically 15 – 20) spread across the country. Your best score from 6 rounds (with a minimum of 3 to qualify) count towards the championship. Rounds are organised roughly evenly north, south and midlands and we try not to visit a venue more than once in the year to give some variety.

At the end of the season awards are made on the basis of points scored to the overall championship winner and for the winner of each class. Depending upon the number of entrants inc each class second and third prizes may also be awarded. A novice and ladies awards are also made.

You can find out more about The Speedmog Challenge here

Lamborghini GTR supertrophy

We at Parc Ferme are proud sponsors of Lee Cunningham in all of his exploits in motor racing. Over numerous years we have watched Lee’s career blossom and seen him achieve accolades that were long overdue and very much deserved.

We have found him to be a great talent and a driver who gives everything to his racing, to his sponsors and associates.

we hope to continue our enjoyable and long standing relationship for many years to come.

We have a proud association with Lee Cunningham who has had success in a variety of classes, the highest accolade coming in 2001 when he became the Gentleman’s world champion in the Lamborghini GTR supertrophy.

Lee Cunningham’s CV is listed below:

  • 75 races with 70 finishes
  • 1 championship win single seaters
  • 10 outright race wins single seaters
  • 7 class wins single seaters
  • 32 podium finishes single seaters/saloons
  • 5 pole positions single seaters/saloons/sportscars
  • 11 fastest laps single seaters/sportcars
  • 4 lap records single seaters

All the race cars have been prepared by Parc Ferme using Zymol products.