Morgan detailing

Posted by admin on May 19, 2016

This commission was to perform this Morgans annual detail as a member of our Concierge programme the car recieved the following treatment . The was initially rinsed down to remove all loosed surface dirt and dust. The wheel arches ,tyres, ands sills etc were degreased and this was then rinsed away. The road wheels were cleaned down using degreaser and and soft Studio 17 wheel brush, once completed the product was rinsed away. We then began a multi stage hand wash using Zymol clear shampoo, pure wool wash mitts, and a Studio 17 soft wash detail brush for the badges, handles, grills etc. After final rinse the car was blown dry using a Venti Bi Motor which provides powerful hot air to disperse all excess water from the car and water traps.We then turned our attention to the paintwork, an inspection was carried out for contamination, and any marks , swirls etc . When we were satisfied with the surface we began the Zymol Royale top process, which includes 2 separate coats and a profile wax.The interior was given a full vacuum, and all surfaces cleaned down and treated.All of the glass surfaces were cleaned inside and out.The engine and bay received a clean down by hand and all painted surfaces were polished along with all rubber surfaces treated and metal components polished.The tyres were dressed including the spare wheel, and all metals components were cl;earned using Zymol Metal.Fianlly the car relieved an exterior detail using Zymol detail spray, and was given a final coat of Zymol Field Glaze prior to client handover.

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