Morgan detail

Posted by Craig Parc Ferme on April 26, 2017
image This commission was for a Zymol Royale top up and a detail.The car was initially rinsed down and degreaser added to the tyres, arches etc.Once this product had been rinsed off we turned our attention to the road wheels which were cleaned down using a Parc Ferme soft wheel brush and degreaser.The car was then washed down using Zymol Clear shampoo, after a final rinse the bodywork was hand dried and then blown down with hot air from a Venti machine.The next stage was to perform a light clay bar treatment to remove all surface contamination.Once completed the paintwork was inspected for any blemishes etc.We then added 2 separate coats of Zymol Royale to the paintwork and brightwork.The road tyres were dressed and the glass surfaces cleaned down.All of the interior surfaces were cleaned down and fed using Zymol Treat and Zymol Vinyl.The interior was then treated to a full vacuum.The convertible hood was laid out , cleaned by hand and fed with Zymol Vinyl.Finally the exterior detail was carried out using Parc Ferme detail brushes and detail spray, and a coat of Zymol Field Glaze was added.

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