Mercedes E63 AMG Detail

Posted by Craig Parc Ferme on May 5, 2017
image This commission was to perform a full detail with paint correction .Initially the car was rinsed own to remove dust etc.We began by performing an engine wash using degreaser and our engine detail brushes.Once this was completed we degreased the tyres, arches, sill, etc, and agin once rinsed down we turned our attention the road wheels.These were cleaned down faces and rears using our wheel cleaner and our soft alloy wheel brushes.Once these stages were completed the exterior was given a wet detail using degreaser on the badges, panel joins etc along with a multi stage hand wash using wool mitts.After the final rinse down the car was completely dried down using the Venti hot air blow dryer.We began by removing all belongings,matts,rubber pads,etc before giving the car a full vacuum.Next we used our dust brush to remove all dusts from vents, switches etc.We then blow air through the cabin area, and carried out another vacuum.All of the interior surfaces were cleaned down using our multi-purpose cleaner, sponge, and brushes.All of the leather surfaces were fed using Parc Ferme leather food.Finally we cleaned all interior glass surfaces , and replaced all matts etc.The exterior was then treated to a clay bar treatment to remove all surface contamination including the exterior glass and road wheels.The paintwork was then wiped down using IPA prior to being masked up.We performed 3 stage paint correction using Scholl compounds of varying grades and foam pads of varying grades.Deeper scratches were located and wet sanded out using varying grades of wet sand material.after un-masking the paintwork was wiped down with IPA prior to waxing.The wax used was Parc Ferme Speed wax to enhance and protect the corrected paint surface.The tyres and arches were dressed along with the tailpipes, and the engine and bay were dressed to OEM finish.The exterior glass was cleaned down, and all exterior detail was performed using Parc Ferme detail spray and a fine detail brush.Finally of the seals were dressed and the wheels were given a coat of Parc Ferme wheel protectant, along with a coat of our finishing spray.

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