Mercedes Benz E class convertible Zymol

Posted by admin on April 21, 2016

This commission was to carry out a Zymol Royale top up. The car was rinsed down to remove any dust and loose dirt from the paintwork , arches and wheels etc.The wheel arches, tyres,sills, and diffussers are all degreased and rinsed down.The road wheels were cleaned using a non acidic wheel cleaner on the faces and rears . Next we attended to the handles, badges, shut lines etc using degreaser and a soft wet detail brush, this was then washed off .The car then received a full hand wash in 5 stages using natural wool wash mitts for each individual stage and 5 individual buckets with grit guards. Once rinsed down the car was dried down using powerful hot air this enables us to remove all water sitting in water traps etc and ensures that the car is perfectly dry before detailing begins.The next step was to perform a soft clay process to remove any surface contaminants from the paintwork , glass and road wheels.We then proceeded to apply 2 separate coats of Zymol Royale to the paintwork and road wheels.Once completed a profile wax was added.The glass was cleaned down internally and externally. The car was given a full vacuum, and any marks removed from the interior surfaces.The tyres and wheel arches were dressed, along the the cleaning of the tailpipes.The road wheels were given a coat of Zymol Wax Wheel coat for protection. Finally the car was given an exterior detail using a detail brush and detailing spray, and then the paintwork was given a final spritz of Zymol Field Glaze prior to handover.

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