Land Rover Defender Detailing

Posted by Craig Parc Ferme on April 12, 2017
image The commission was to carry out paint correction, scratch removal, and leather care.We began by carrying out a full wash down of the car.Next we applied degreaser to the tyres, arches etc, while this product was agitating we washed the badges, handles , panel joins etc with degreaser and a Parc Ferme wet detail brush.Another rinse was carried out.We then turned our attention to the road wheels including removing the spare wheel from the rear doors.These were cleaned faces and rears until they were clean.We then performed a 5 stage hand wash , after the final rinse the car was dried down using hot air.We the performed a 3 stage clay process using 3 varying grades of clay bar.After wiping down with IPA the car then had grills , etc remover prior to a full masking up using 3M 3434 tape and masking paper.4 stage paint correction was performed using varying grades of Scholl compounds and relevant pads.All deeper scratches were attended to by using 2 grades of wet sanding material.Another wipe down with IPA prior to unmasking.The car was then given 2 coats of Parc Ferme wax for protection and all exterior detail was carried out using detail spray and a Parc Ferme detailing brush.The tyres, arches, etc were all dressed along with the tailpipes.We then turned our attention to the interior, an initial brush down using our dusting brush, was followed by a soft vacuum to the leather seats and a vacuum to the entire interior.All surfaces were wiped down using our interior cleaner.The leather was then fed using Parc Ferme leather conditioner.All interior and exterior glass was cleaned down.A final coat of Parc Ferme Finishing spray was added to the paintwork prior to delivery.

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