Ferrari 488 Spider 70th Anniversary

Posted by Craig Parc Ferme on February 13, 2018
image This recent commission was to perform a new car detail.The car was initially rinsed down before cleaning the road wheels faces and rears with a non acidic wheel cleaner and natural hair brushes.The exterior was treated to a multiple hand wash using a PH natural shampoO.after the final rinse the car was dried down using powerful hot air and drying towels.The interior was given a full vacuum prior to all surfaces being cleaned down.The interior glass was cleaned and all carbon fibre / aluminium /and painted components were polished.The paintwork, exterior glass, road wheels, carbon fibre components etc were given a 2 stage clay bar treatment to remove all surface contamination.The next stage was to apply Parc Ferme surface cleanser to the paintwork, road wheels, and carbon fibre components.Next we applied Parc Ferme Silverstone wax in 2 separate coats , allowing curing time in-between applications.The wheel arches, and tyres were dressed, along with the cleaning of the tailpipes.The exterior glass was cleaned down, and finally a protective coating applied to the road wheels, and a finishing glaze applied to the paintwork and carbon fibre components before client handover.

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