Convertible Hood Cleaning

Build up of bacteria (mould) coupled with stubborn tree sap, colour fading, general dirt and residue build up, if left untreated, can deteriorate rapidly the newest of hoods and can deflate the sheer pleasure of owning a stunning drop-top. Caring and maintaining for your convertible hood is what we do.

Our convertible (cabriolet) hoods in stages:

The bullet points below are an overview and are part of a 21 stage process.

  • The hood is rinsed off to remove dust etc.
  • Hood is cleaned by hand.
  • Products used are all neutral and water based
  • Brushes used are all natural material by studio 17
  • When rinsing the hood the bodywork is also washed down using a 5 stage system
  • Hood and bodywork dried off
  • Final drying is carried out using a Venti Warm air dryer
  • Windows cleaned inside and out.
  • Plastic rear windows are polished and treated
  • Hood is water proofed

Working times are approximately 3 hours dependent on condition and material

For further information on the services we provide, why not call us on 0845 474 0162 (calls charged at local rate), or complete our enquiry form.

Our commissions are all certificated for work carried out and authenticity.