Audi RS 6 Detail

Posted by Craig Parc Ferme on March 15, 2017
image This recent commission was to perform a Matte finish detail on an Audi RS6.The car was degreased including engine and bay,and hand washed prior to a warm air drying process from a Venti Machine .The interior was treated to a complimentary blow through using the Venti, a vacuum and all surfaces wiped down.All glass surfaces were cleaned interior and exterior.The Matte finished paint surface was treated with a cleanser to remove all blemishes from the paint surface.We then applied a protective Matte coating to the paintwork.All detailing was performed using Parc Ferme detailing brushes.The tyres and arches were dressed along with the tailpipes.All carbon fibre components, coated plastics and road wheels were waxed using Parc Ferme Speed wax.

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