Aston Martin DBS Detail

Posted by admin on June 20, 2016

This Aston Martin DBS is a member of our Concierge programme which means the car is in our constant care. This car is not garaged and is driven most days.This recent visit was to perform a Zymol Royale top top, and an interior detail.Being on the Concierge programme also means that any imperfections , scratches , scuffs etc are attended too as and when required.The was initially rinsed down to remove all loose dust, dirt etc.We then degreased the tyres, arches, sills, diffusers etc.Once this was to our satisfaction we turned our attention to the road wheels, cleaning them with non -acidic wheel cleaner and Studio 17 soft wheel brushes , cleaning the faces and rears until to our standard .The exterior was then treated to a 5 stage hand wash with Zymol shampoo.After final rinse the car was dried down using a Venti machine.The paintwork was then inspected and a soft clay bar process was carried out. A light coating of Zymol HD cleanse was applied. Zymol Royale was then applied in 2 individual coats to paintwork , carbon fibre components and wheels.The tyres and arches were dressed, along with the tailpipes.The exterior detailing was performed using a soft Studio 17 detail brush and detailing spray.Next we carried out an interior detail, all belongings were removed prior to a blow through with air.All interior surfaces were cleaned down using a multi purpose cleaner.The interior and exterior glass was then cleaned and checked. All carbon fibre , aluminium and piano black components were cleaned using a Field glaze product from Zymol.The leather surfaces were treated to 2 separate coats of leather food allowing each coat to be absorbed.Finally the wheels were given a coat of Zymol wax wheel coat for protection, and the paintwork and carbon fibre components were given a final spritz of field glaze before handover.

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