Alfa Romeo 4C Detail

Posted by Craig Parc Ferme on March 15, 2017
image This recent commission was for a full exterior detail on Alfa Romeo 4C.The car was rinsed down, and degreaser was applied to the arches, tyres, sills, diffusers etc.Once agitated and rinsed down the wheels were cleaned down fcaes and rears using a non acidic wheel cleaner and a Parc Ferme soft hair wheel brush.Once completed we wet detailed all panel joins, badges, air intakes, shut lines etc with degreaser and a Parc Ferme wet detail brush.Another rinse down was followed by a 5 stage hand wash using Parc Ferme shampoo and wool mitts.After final rinse the car was dried down using powerful hot air from a Venti Bi Motor machine.The paintwork, windows, and road wheels were then given a 2 stage clay bar process to remove all surface bonded contamination.After a complete wipe down using IPA the paintwork was inspected for any blemishes.Once the blemished were located and marked out, we performed local rectification using a Rupes rotary polisher , Scholl compounds and 75mm pads. Another IPA wipe to check the repair prior to waxing.The car was then treated to a wax coating using Parc Ferme Speed wax. The glass was cleaned down and tyres , arches and tailpipes dressed.An exterior detail was carried out with detail spray and a fine detail brush by Parc Ferme.Finally the wheels were given a protective coating and a spritz of Finishing spray was applied prior to client hondover

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