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Bespoke automotive detailing Bespoke automotive detailing

Welcome to the world of Parc Ferme ,Master Detailers for the worlds finest Automobiles

We are a company of quintessential background, and are the aficionados choice . Founded with over 29 years individual experience in the automotive detailing industry,both directors of Parc Ferme have accumilated over 50 years experience of the automotive industry, this is totally unrivalled in this industry.The directors backgrounds range from working on the Land Speed record attempts, Grand Prix’s, World Motorsport championships, OEM preparation, VIP preparation , exclusive marque’s, Heads of State , and titled owners.

We are extremely proud of the fact that Parc Ferme is a family owned business, and is still managed and operated by its 2 original founders.All of our staff are employed by the company, this enables us to continually manage and maintain our methodology. We are also very proud to be one of the longest serving official Zymol factory approved detailers and are one of only 18 companies in the world with this honour. Along with this we are very lucky to have one of the Parc Ferme founders and a current Master Detailer within our business who is the only Global Zymol Factory trainer for product knowledge, applications, and techniques within the Global Zymol programme.

All of our clients are invited to make use of our Non Disclosure Agreement, we do not use the names of OEMs, Concessionaires, or private clients without strict authority, this information is kept private with full discretion and to adhere to contractual obligations.

We are also curators to many fine and exclusive automotive collections.

Parc Ferme are an iconic company with multiple awards, and have achieved some of the highest accolades achievable within the industry, please visit our achievements page to view our pedigree, our name is synonymous with bespoke high quality automotive detailing, with fine English craftsmanship.

We are a unique and revered specialist company, offering a bespoke service, where detailing is an art form ,and we are always in pursuit of perfection and being masters of our craft .

Known simply by heritage and reputation

Please feel free to view our pedigree within the pages of this website, any additional information can be obtained by using our contact page.

Please be aware of cheap imitations , and companies or individuals who use our name as a reference, should you require any clarification , please feel free to contact us

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